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Become a Mystery Shopper


Become a Mystery Shopper


Mystery shoppers are people who are hired to perform independent audits on a company's goods and services. They're brought in to do everything from eat at restaurants to review the food and service to shop and return clothes to see how smoothly the transactions take place.  They work across a variety of industries, and can perform the work in person or online.


Typical businesses that hire mystery shoppers include:

  • Boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Book stores
  • Department stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Health clubs
  • Toy stores
  • Car dealers
  • Movie chains
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Airlines


Once the shopper uses the service or patronizes the business, they report back to the hiring company on what they found or thought, and are reimbursed their expenses and paid their fee.  The businesses go to work on correcting those problems that the mystery shopper saw or complained about.


Some mystery shoppers are sometimes hired as full time employees by chain or department stores to perform certain tasks at each store in the region.  Others are hired by the job.  Still others prefer to specialize in one area, like restaurant reviews, hair salon reviews, or clothing and accessory purchases.  It all depends on the particular situation.


Mystery shopping typically offers flexible hours and has become extremely popular with students, stay-at-home moms, and retirees who want to earn money but need to do so at hours that are conducive to their schedules.  Mystery shoppers can earn anywhere from $10-$40 an hour, depending on the job, and can do it on full time or part time basis.


If you love to shop, want to learn more about the retail end of fashion, or want to see things from a customer's point of view for awhile before setting off to establish your own design house, mystery shopping may be for you.  Or, if you’ve been thinking about do SOMETHING in fashion that doesn’t require the commitment of going to design school or starting your own industry-related company, mystery shopping COULD be a great way to get your feet wet. At the very least, you'll learn something about the world of retail and discover what does – and what does NOT – constitute great customer service.


Just remember to practice “due diligence” in researching mystery shopping companies.  Like anything that seems like easy money, scammers abound in this particular segment of the industry, so be careful…


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 Become a Mystery Shopper Become a Mystery Shopper


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